Thanh An manhole covers meet new challenges

By Lechuga

The manholes and manhole covers serve one purpose: to separate the world’s citizens from the underground infrastructure. Throughout its operations, Thanh An has produced thousands of manholes at its foundry. Many of our products are accompanied by the pace of the city.

All clusters meet three basic needs:

– They are the input to maintaining the utilities needed for modern life.

– They protect the public from noise, smoke and gas, as well as heat, high voltages and explosions.

– They limit and allow access to essential systems for life in a safe way.

• Thanh An manhole covers continuously improve design

Thanh An manhole covers continue to improve to meet new challenges. For example, to protect thieves from stealing manholes for sale of scrap materials, Thanh An produces manhole covers from nap ho ga composite materials. In addition, to prevent thieves from removing the manhole cover, Thanh An provides manhole covers with various locking mechanisms.

In order to reduce the injury to employees maintaining underground infrastructure, we will assist the user in safeguarding the user.

• Customers nationwide

Thanh An manhole covers are widely used in infrastructure projects in all provinces and cities nationwide.

To meet these needs, Thanh An produces manhole covers of gray cast iron, cast iron and composite materials to meet different load requirements such as the manhole cover in pavement traffic, The station is directly affected by the traffic.

• Diversified, customized products

If you can not find the manhole cover exactly as your installation requirements, Thanh An produces the product according to the design dimension. We have a team of engineers who have the ability and expertise to create or modify a product according to your specific needs, such as designing more logos, …

All products of Thanh An manhole are manufactured in accordance with international standards, constantly innovation to meet the needs of customers.

A manhole cover designed in the traditional way can nắp hố ga thành an make the road bumpy, affecting pedestrians, cyclists and riders. In order to cope with this challenge, Thanh An manhole covers are easy to install, protecting the infrastructure in line with the finished road surface during use.

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