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By Mccarter

15 Steps To Successful Remote Viewing

Brett Stuart, author of Remote Viewing: The Complete Guidebook and founder of Technical Intuition (previously Troika Group) is dedicated to the promotion and application of the consciousness hacking” tool known as Remote Viewing, sometimes referred to as non-local perception. The Remote Viewing protocol is what gradually trains the unconscious mind to provide information regarding a target in a specific sequence of data. Simply put, remote viewing is the art of viewing events , people and information from a distance. It contains not only the information that is in the DVDs and the CD in written form, but it also contains very specific instructions to help you walk through every aspect of remote viewing.

Still, those who could achieve it demonstrated the viability of remote viewing. The potentials of remote viewing are seductive and vast, and the whole movement works like an incubator for radical ideas. She is trained in military-style advanced remote viewing techniques in Controlled Remote Viewing, Associative Remote Viewing and Extended Remote Viewing.

This was reported in The Wall Street Journal back in the early 1980s in conjunction with Targ’s work, but a subsequent experiment conducted under different protocols failed to return the same results (For more on these experiments see: Lottery Dream Books and Other Money Making Mind Tricks ). As explained by Targ the different protocols went against experimental findings about how Remote Viewing actually works and based on previous experiments it was clear there was a chance for failure.

Remote influencing and remote viewing are very powerful tools for developing your inner power. So, that’s The Gold Standard Course, and I hope you will consider it. If you are interested in remote viewing, there is nothing that I could recommend that would be better than this.

In total secrecy, government psychics used remote viewing to keep tabs on the Russians and their war machine, to track the likes of Moammar Khadafi, the Iranian hostages, Saddam Hussein’s hidden scud missiles. I have put it together for you so that you can use it easily, step-by-step; and I am assured and I can assure you that if you go through The Gold Standard Course, you will be able to express your maximum ability remote viewing.
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