Phil Ivey knocked out of Domain Series of Poker game running

By Dumolo

poker99LAS VEGAS (AP) — Poker star Phil Ivey is come out at the Worldly concern Serial of Poker’s patronage no-fix Texas Wait ’em chief event, joining actors Saint James the Apostle Forest and Jennifer Tilly and others who fell during their back day of wag shimmer.

Ivey’s couple of nines were no couple for another player’s kings Thursday.

Queens, three-of-a-tolerant and a duo discomfited Forest and POKER99 Tilly on Wednesday. Chris Moneymaker, who boosted poker’s visibility with his 2003 bring home the bacon as an amateur, also was knocked come out of the closet.

Player Jorryt vanguard Hoof, among the last baseball club lowest year, was eliminated Wed night, overly.

Thousands of players started their secondment twenty-four hour period of poker game performing Thursday in hopes of fetching the briny event’s near $7.7 million value when the concluding ennead players retrovert in Nov.
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