Laser Teeth Whitening

By Arden

Laser teeth whitening is a popular procedure used by people to whiten their own teeth. Teeth can come to be stained or coloured coming from numerous causes, which include things such as smoking, red wine beverages, espresso, not brushing appropriately, or merely with age. Most people complain about their teeth becoming a yellow brown color, and possibly frequent brushing with whitening tooth paste will not usually fix the issue. Whitening of the teeth by laser is one of the most effective solutions to get them back sparkling white again. Most dental surgeries offer in-surgery laser teeth whitening. It is commonly brought out by a regular or cosmetic dentist and can differ in cost depending on the amount and length of treatment that you require.

Laser teeth whitening operates by applying a coat of particular bleaching solution on to your teeth. A laser is then focused on the teeth to stimulate the bleaching substance. There are specific actions taken to guarantee that the teeth and gums are not damaged by the procedure, which consists of a rubberized dam being put on the teeth. It is said to lighten the colour of teeth from up to four to six times, which makes it a very effective remedy compared to others such as regular bleaching. Before the process can actually take place, a dentist profesionist has to examine your teeth to make sure they are ideal for the process. This could involve checking for damaged enamel which would stop the procedure from being possible. As soon as you have been given the go ahead, the actual whitening itself usually takes around 1 hour to complete, and is not unpleasant or obtrusive, which is yet another purpose why it is so popular.

After the laser teeth whiteningprocedure you will notice an immediate improvement in the lightness of your teeth, which can last for a varying amount of time, often lasting for as long as up to three years. However if you smoke or eat and drink products which can stain the teeth it the whitening effect can last for less time. Although most people experience no problems after receiving laser teeth whitening, there are possible side effects which you should be aware of. They include teeth becoming sensitive to cold, a discomfort in the gums and in rare cases a white line appearing around the gums. It also helps if after you have received the procedure you use whitening toothpaste which can help to maintain the whiteness of your teeth and remove any new staining. The best way to keep your teeth from staining again after the procedure is to brush regularly with a fluoride toothpaste, and avoid smoking or staining items like coffee and red wine.

Many people want to know whether the Laser teeth whitening procedure can be applied to dentures, veneers or other false teeth. Unfortunately this is not possible. Only natural, healthy teeth are suitable for the laser teeth whitening, however veneers, dentures and other false teeth can be cleaned by a dentist.

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