ROCKWARPEACE – The Documentary

By CanWood Entertainment

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Rolling Stone magazine crowned it the second most important event in rock n’ roll history, John Lennon’s first live performance without The Beatles. No Paul, No George, No Ringo – just John. Accompanied by a band of all-star musicians (The Plastic Ono Band) that included legendary Eric Clapton and love and muse Yoko Ono, Lennon rocked the stage for 20,000 adoring fans. The moment changed history and sparked a revolution of music, peace and activism by Lennon.   It wasn’t London, New York or Berlin. It was the capital of Ontario, Toronto that hosted this monumental event. In September of 1969, the world was given The Toronto Rock N’ Roll Revival. The story of its birth and historic outcome has been dormant for years, and now we need your help to finance the documentary: ROCKWARPEACE, so it can be shared and experienced by all.

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