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Launchopolis gives you the opportunity to pursue your dreams! We connect businesses, entrepreneurs, and creators, with supporters and make it easy for them to back you financially. Supporters can back campaigns they’re passionate about! Entrepreneurs and creators can access the capital they need to launch!

You provide the idea and the passion – Launchopolis will fuel the fires of innovation!

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Launchopolis is an exciting web-based, crowdfunding platform designed to take advantage of the impending changes to regulations related to equity financing of new ventures and businesses in North America. Created for the purpose of “fueling the fires of innovation, entertainment, and other worthwhile causes”, Launchopolis is set to become a world-class portal that attracts high quality, capital raising campaigns. Unlike many existing crowdfunding websites which accept any campaigns regardless of their chances of success, Launchopolis is focused on identifying, accepting and structuring campaigns that have a high probability of being successful. To ensure quality, Launchopolis has implemented S.TA.R. – Start-up Activity Review, ensuring that its customers are well positioned to meet their funding goals and continue their growth and success after the completion of their initial campaign. Launchopolis is supported in part by Andrews Robichaud, a leading Canadian intellectual property and business law firm, whose principals have invested their careers in assisting with the successful development, structuring, protection, implementation and commercialization of new knowledge-based venturesThe Launchopolis team and its partners have the business acumen, legal expertise, and experience to help your company or start-up reach new levels of success!


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