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Rewarding Your Supporters

Once you have your project clearly established in your mind it’s time to give your supporters what they want – REWARDS! When someone pledges money to your campaign they receive a reward for doing so. This part is important . . . people want interesting, valuable, stimulating, fantastic rewards! Put careful thought into what you choose to be rewards and be creative.   What to Offer?   It’s great to be creative but the principal rewards you deliver should relate to the project itself. If you’re collecting money to design a new ergonomic chair, then one of the rewards should be the chair itself.   These are four popular categories of rewards that we recommend at Launchopolis:  
  • The Thing – the chair, the vinyl record, the novel, the DVD set[1].
  • The Experience – a trip to the studio, party with the band, Skype with the actor.
  • The Memory a prop from the set, postcard sent from location, a thank you card, their name in the credits.
  • The Rolean extra in a scene, their painting on the side of the food truck, tambourine player on the opening track.
  How Much to Ask? Ask yourself, “Would I pay this much for that?” It’s a logical question that generally leads to a logical result. It also comes down to the simple economics of supply and demand. If one of the rewards you offer is rare and there are a limited number of them, you can naturally charge more for it. Conversely, if the reward is something generic it is probably best to charge approximately the market cost.[2]

[1] Launchopolis Tip #1 – if one of the rewards is the actual final product, charge as much as it would cost in the retail market.
[2] Launchopolis Tip #2 – campaigns that have a reward for a payment of $20 or less are almost twice as likely to succeed than a campaign without a reward for $20 or less.

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    Every campaign should have a reward for $20 or less. Statistics show that campaigns with a reward for $20 or less are almost twice as likely to reach their funding goal.

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    Make sure your campaign offers rewards in a variety of prices ranges so you can capture those who only want to give a little and those who want to really make an impact!

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    Be sure to calculate the cost of producing and delivering the rewards into your campaign goal. Many people are surprised by how much the rewards component amounts to.