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Canadian Transplant Society – The Kiosk Program

While over 90% of Canadians polled believe in organ donation, only 17% have pledged to be organ donors. Clearly, there’s a disconnect . . .The research is done, the cure is available, and now the Canadian Transplant Society can make a difference. We want you to join us on our Launchopolis campaign and help save a life!

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Pine & Birch Ranch and Retreat…Now with a Spa!

Pine & Birch Ranch and Retreat wants to combine the rustic experience of rural Quebec with the sophistication and comfort of a modern spa. With horses, goats, and a ranch house, we’ve got the rustic part covered! We also have a private 10-acre lake . . . so now all we have to do is build the spa!

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ROCKWARPEACE – The Documentary

Rolling Stone magazine crowned it the second most important event in rock n’ roll history, John Lennon’s first live performance without The Beatles. No Paul, No George, No Ringo – just John. This is the documentary.

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Launchopolis Equity Crowdfunding

Launchopolis is an exciting web-based, crowdfunding platform designed to take advantage of the impending changes to regulations related to equity financing of new ventures and businesses in North America. Created for the purpose of “fueling the…

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