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By Canadian Transplant Society

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A Canadian dies almost every other day waiting for an organ transplant . . .

 When doctors told me 5 years ago that my wife had less than a week to live, it felt like my world was crumbling around me. My wife, Lise, had a rare liver disease that could only be cured through a complete liver transplant. As the time slipped away from us while we waited for a donor, I vowed that whatever happened, I would dedicate my life to help spare others from the anguish and suffering we were experiencing. Thanks to a selfless Canadian donor, Lise received her liver transplant and was given a new chance at life. Lise now lives a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life and we are both so grateful to the donor who saved her life. But the story doesn’t end there . . .

My name is James Breckenridge and I am the President and CEO of the Canadian Transplant Society, a nationwide charity dedicated to saving lives by registering Canadians for organ donation. This is our Launchopolis crowdfunding campaign.

The simple truth of the matter is that many people, many Canadians, many of our loved ones, are suffering and dying needlessly. The Canadian Transplant Society has done its research and while over 90% of Canadians polled believe in organ donation, only 17% have pledged to be organ donors. Clearly, there’s a disconnect . . .

After forming The Canadian Transplant Society we soon realized that conventional methods of registering Canadians to become organ donors had failed. The problem is AWARENESS. Even though Canadians want to be organ donors and want to help save lives, they are either unsure about how to do it or doing it incorrectly.

The Canadian Transplant Society researched many avenues and has discovered a way to educate, inform, and register Canadians for organ donation – we call it “The Kiosk Program”.

Our unique campaign is based on a direct approach to the potential donor. By setting up kiosks in malls, universities, colleges, sporting events, and other high traffic venues all over Canada, the Canadian Transplant Society will help overcome the difficulty of raising awareness and registering donors. By providing easily accessible information about organ donation, answering questions, and giving a small amount of guidance, individuals will know how they can make a life saving commitment: Registering to be an Organ Donor.

The Kiosk Program has been tested and it works! We want to continue this success and take The Kiosk Program nationwide! With your help, we can do it!

$100,000 will launch our tested and proven, lifesaving campaign! Not only will $100,000 allow us to take The Kiosk Program nationwide to save the lives of Canadians, but you will be creating jobs all across Canada! We don’t need research money, the cures exist, we just need more organ donors! And raising awareness will do this.

“Give a Life” Jewelry

The Canadian Transplant Society is offering you beautiful, handcrafted jewelry by world renowned jewelers Laura Beardsley and David Hustler, at different contribution levels. Laura Beardsley has lectured on antique jewelry at theRoyal Ontario Museum (ROM) for numerous years, fashioned custom jewelry for the CBC and the CFL, and, together with her husband David Hustler, made the winner’s trophy for the Bell Canadian Open (Tiger Woods won the first trophy!). Laura and David have a personal connection to our CTS Launchopolis campaign as David received a kidney transplant over 35 years ago. Due to their strong belief in the Canadian Transplant Society’s cause, the fashion duo have personally designed unique transplant-themed rewards for Launchers of this life saving campaign. These limited rewards will be crafted in a variety of precious metals, ranging from platinum to enamel, and will even be available with diamonds depending on the level of contribution.

The Best is yet to Come: All Launchers of this campaign who contribute +$100 will be invited to the shoot of our next Public Service Announcement! This PSA will air for one year across Canada on over 80 television channels, and you will be filmed alongside a well-known Canadian Famous Personality. Our PSA program on organ donation will give our message a major boost and undoubtedly enhance the performance of The Kiosk Program. We need to go directly to the people who do have questions (the majority of Canadians).

Thank you,

James W Breckenridge

President and CEO, Canadian Transplant Society

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