Pine & Birch Ranch and Retreat…Now with a Spa!

By Pine & Birch Ranch and Retreat


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Surrounding our own private 10-acre Lake Pine in rural Quebec, Pine & Birch Ranch and Retreat is ideal for both energetic family reunions or a lazy weekend away from the city. While Pine & Birch offers many fabulous activities such as horse riding, volleyball, and ice skating in the winter, we’ve always felt it was missing something that would allow you to truly and utterly relax. The kind of relaxation where your mind is at peace and your head is empty of all thoughts. Your body is calm and your muscles are loose . . . So we’re building a spa!

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    Handcrafted Ranch Soap (3 bars) |||| Lather up and get those suds bubbling with our handcrafted soap made right here on the Ranch! Choose from a variety of beautiful scents that will leave your skin feeling soft and smelling amazing.

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    "Your Name Here" Bunk House |||| Go down in history with the purchase of this reward! Not only will we name our bunkhouse after you, but we will have one of our local artisans carve a sign with your name in it to hang from the house!