About us

Launchopolis is establishing itself as one of the world’s most comprehensive and inviting rewards, donations and equity-based crowd venture platforms. Whether you are a start-up with a fresh idea or an existing business looking to expand, Launchopolis is the crowd venture platform of choice for generating the financial results that you and your supporters need to launch your venture to the stratosphere and beyond. Approachable, proficient and encircled by a qualified and rich ecosystem of business partners and professional affiliates, Launchopolis supports you on your journey from funded campaign to successful enterprise.

The team

Todd Plaskacz | CEO

Throughout his career, Todd has been dedicated to providing practical business and legal advice to a wide ranging and varied clientele, including publicly and privately held companies.

Mike Andrews | COO

Mike is a very knowledgeable, multi-faceted, and personable individual and professional, who has always been passionate about turning ideas into ideal situations.

Stephen Beamish | CMO

As the Chief Marketing Officer for Launchopolis, it is Stephen’s job to make sure that whether you are seeking investors or seeking to invest, you are working with the most innovative, creative and talented crowdfunding platform around.

Samuel G. Goss | Platform Manager

As the Platform Manager for Launchopolis, Sam’s role is constantly changing but always interesting!